molecular diagnostic

Ineffective medications and adverse medication reactions (ADRs) place millions of people at risk annually and cost the healthcare system billions of dollars. Physicians have long recognized differences in the way patients respond to prescription medicines, but with traditional approaches, can only rely on “hit or miss” outcomes.

Recognizing a degree of the variation is inherited, and therefore predictable Pharmacogenetics (PGx) emerged. PGx focuses on an individual's variations in genes involved in drug metabolism, which has opened a new era of truly patient centric healthcare at the genetic level.

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toxicology services

Medication monitoring and drug detection services, clinical tools, scientific data and education helping to personalize treatment plans to improve clinical outcomes and patient safety. Our custom developed drug testing panels to fit any health care professional’s needs. It is our goal to provide accurate rapid test results derived by the latest technologies available.

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about us

We at MD Tox Laboratories want to thank you for this opportunity to introduce ourselves and our innovative approach to Personalized Medicine. We are a high complexity laboratory specializing in molecular diagnostics and toxicology services located in Southern California. We recognize that our services are the foundation upon which medical decisions are made and affect those lives that we touch. As such we hold quality of care to the highest standard with a commitment to clinical excellence. Our team and collaborators are comprised of distinguished Medical Doctors and PhDs in the fields of Molecular Biology, Genetics, Chemistry, Clinical Bioinformatics, and Toxicology.

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our mission

Delivering innovation and insight empowering better healthcare decisions.